Mainely Kegs is your one-stop shop for kegs and dispensing equipment for weddings and special events. We also can special order cases of beer and wine as well!

For keg sizing and brands, please refer to the following:

  • Kegs generally come in two sizes, 1/2bbl and 1/6bbl
  • A 1/2bbl is approximately 120 pints or 160 twelve-ounce pours
  • A 1/6bbl is approximately 40 pints or 60 twelve-ounce pours
  • Each keg carries a $30 refundable deposit
  • For jockey box rentals, we only supply kegs that take a D or S system coupler. Most imported kegs DO NOT take these couplers, including Guiness and Bass. For a general list of kegs that take these two systems, please click here.
  • PLEASE include a few back-up options with your initial keg request. Keg availability is always fluctuating. The rule of thumb for kegs selection is that if it’s currently available at the grocery store, it’s probably available in a keg.

For timing, scheduling and pick-up/drop-off, please consider the following:

  • Kegs need approximately 24 hours to settle. It is best to pick up kegs and equipment the day BEFORE you plan to dispense the beer and get everything into place, so the kegs have time to rest. Otherwise, the risk of foamy beer is much higher. It is also one less thing to worry about on the day of the event.
  • Since the jockey box keeps the kegs under pressure, many customers will use the jockey box for the rehearsal dinner and reception. While some groups get a small specialty keg for the rehearsal dinner, you need not worry if you tap the keg at the dinner and don’t finish it, since it is under pressure, it will still be good the next day.
  • If you are planning to rent on a weekend, we close at 3pm on Sundays (and are closed Monday and Tuesdays), most of our special event rentals will keep the kegs/equipment until Wednesdays, which is the first day of the week that we are open. Keeping the equipment for the Sunday-Wednesday stretch is just one extra night charge.
  • KEGS TAKE UP A LOT OF SPACE and are VERY HEAVY. Please plan accordingly with a an appropriately sized vehicle and with someone that is able to lift over 75lbs. Kegs also NEED TO BE SECURED in the vehicle with tie-down straps or seat belts. Please also bring a blanket to cover the kegs in order to protect your vehicle’s windows should you have to slam on the brakes while transporting the kegs.
  • If you are renting a jockey box, it is best to pick up your rental outside of normal business hours so that we can show you how to set-up/break-down without being interrupted. It takes about 15 minutes to demonstrate setting up the jockey box. PLEASE MAKE SURE the person picking up the jockey box will be the one operating the jockey box.
  • You will need approximately 20-30 pounds of ice PER DAY to keep the coils in the jockey box cold. We do not sell ice but the gas station a few doors down does.

For determining how much beer you will need, use the following guidelines:

  • Determine the total number of adults that will be drinking at your event
  • If you are serving just beer, factor 5-6 beers per person, per day
  • If you are serving wine and beer, factor 4-5 beers per person, per day
  • If you are serving beer, wine and hard alcohol, factor 2-3 beers per person, per day.


  • For a wedding where 100 adults that will be drinking, with just wine and beer will be served, you will need 400-500 beers. Three (3) 1/2bbl kegs will provide 360 pints of beer (120 pints per keg) so would probably be a safe bet for the lower side of the calculation. Four (4) 1/2bbl kegs will provide 480 pints.

Deposit required to secure order:

Payment is due in full to order your kegs. These are specialty orders of kegs we do not typically stock in the store.