If you are looking for a keg that is not listed on our in-stock or most popular keg page, then please visit the contact us page to let us know what you are looking for.

A few guidelines with special order kegs:

  • Most special order kegs take 2-3 days to arrive, sometimes as long as two weeks.
  • We are closed Monday and Tuesday and DO NOT check/respond to e-mails on these days. We are open WED-SUN.
  • Friday is our keg delivery day – If you are in need of a keg before a Friday, please order the week before for pick-up the following Wednesday or Thursday.
  • We CANNOT get the following kegs EVER: Bissell Brothers, Foundation Epiphany, Maine Beer Company Dinner, Oxbow, Bunker, Austin Street and any other small brewery that self-distributes.
  • Please include a second and third choice for a special order kegs as keg availability is always fluctuating.
  • Imported beer is notoriously hard to source and requires different fittings for dispensing that we generally do not have.
  • Unless you have a specific draught system designed to ONLY dispense Guiness, you will NOT BE able to dispense a Guiness keg and we WE DO NOT CARRY the fittings to dispense a Guiness keg in a rental scenario.